Humanity - A Walking Contradiction

You are a paradox. I am a paradox. We are all paradoxes.

This reality is almost universally accepted. The French philosopher Blaise Pascal captures this when describing humanity as the glory and garbage of the universe. The German Reformer Martin Luther affirms that this remains true for Christians who are at one and the same time saints and sinners. As true as it is corporately, it can also be individualised. I have just finished reading Thomas Keneally’s Schindler’s List. Oscar Schindler is a paradox. On the one hand he is a womaniser, who fraternises with the Nazis, operates on the black market and makes obscene profits in the process. On the other hand, however, he selflessly risks it all to protect persecuted Jews. We are all walking contradictions - a mixture of good and bad, glory and garbage, saint and sinner.

Creatures, Kings, Christ’s

Scripture’s testimony confirms all that we have already asserted. In Psalm 8 David exuberantly praises God for his majesty, unmistakeably revealed in creation. As David surveys this majestic creation he is struck by humanity’s apparent insignificance. What is humanity? What is man? ….

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